Judy Francesconi picked up her first camera at 6 years of age. Who knew then, that years later, she would become a world renown fine art photographer! As a freshman in high school Judy began her professional photography career shooting for local playhouses and colleges. After attending USC, Judy enrolled in Pasadena's Art Center College of Design and fell in love with studio lighting.

Years of photographing her passion of theatre and dance led to a self-assignment to create a series of body studies. Exploring the art of the human form is a natural progression for most artists and Judy took that to the next level by creating an entirely new genre with her fine art, black and white, women-with-women series.

Judy pioneered this genre in the early 1990's and has elevated it to a gold standard of visually and emotionally powerful expressions of women together. These images are sensual, tasteful, and romantic. Judy's work has captured the imagination and heartstrings of hundreds of thousands of admirers. Her images have been featured in yearly calendars, coffee table books, and gallery exhibitions worldwide.