“I titled my second book VISUAL SONNETS, and to date that is not only a title, but also a description that best defines my images. I strive to make every photograph evoke a feeling of intense intimacy. I want those who see my work to also hear the breathy declarations of tenderness, passion and devotion between lovers.

In all aspects of my life, I operate from my heart first and then my mind catches up— eventually. The photographs I have created over the last 15 years manifested on paper long before I had a complete conscious understanding of them. Now I realize that my goal with my work is twofold. I want my images to be visually appealing despite anyone’s preferences. I also want the emotional impact that they impart to foster a greater understanding and acceptance in those who still have difficulty realizing that the feeling and experience of love is universal.

It is magic and nothing short of a miracle for each of us to find our “safe” place with another, even if it is found in a different face.

That is a gift to be celebrated.” 

- Judy Francesconi